Charbon Rose - is - Madame Propre

Our wardrobe compilation for the mademoiselle who prefers the clean, polished look. There is a high chance that this lady has untouchable self-esteem, reflected in her ability to bless pastels with a pop of color.

The ultimate daddy’s girl, she is sure of herself but does not take herself too seriously. She rarely fits in, and she gets bored rather easily.

Armed with a quite strength, moral intelligence, and a high sense of self that is delicately wrapped in awkward social skills, she often allows her style and sharp intelligence to do the talking while living dangerously in her imaginative little world.

She lights up a room but is unaware of her own presence (possibly because she is least interested in herself and doesn’t get the fuss).

She knows what she wants (or perhaps she doesn’t), she is respectful yet firm, and authors her life choices through the lens of compassion, justice, grit, love for neighbor, and unbending integrity.

She enjoys the company of others but shuts off occasionally to better her self.

This is a woman equal parts delicate and strong.

The ultimate pink coal.

Do you know anybody who fits this description?

We do. She is our muse. May we be kind to the shy-confident ladies among us. 

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